Welcome to Alag Soch

Alag Soch is a non-profit organization that envisions redefining of education and classroom discourse.

By impacting multiple stakeholders—principals, teachers, parents and students—Alag Soch aims to eventually
transform the school landscape by making it a more accessible, inclusive and safer space
for better learning and nurturing to occur.

The Problem

Problems in the domain of education manifest in the form of disturbing trends
and point at discerning figures on a pan-India level.

No employability skills

UNICEF says, “By 2030, around 53% of Indian students will not have skills for 21st century jobs”.

Inequity in education

Only 55 of 100 students on an average finish school every year in West Bengal.

Mental-health crisis

Every 55 minutes, a student in India, between the ages of 15 and 29, chooses to take their own life.

social and emotional learning (SEL) in a nutshell

The five areas of work under SEL work in unison across each of these four different aspects of the school environment.

Our Blog

Social And Emotional Learning and its importance in the life of a child

Right from my early childhood, I grew up mostly with my grandfather. It was my safe space. I’d listen to stories, roam around with him or even play with him. He became my epitome of what a safe space looked like.

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Why are social-emotional learning skills absolutely necessary for teachers?

Teachers are the change-makers of our education system; an education system which was developed during the industrial revolution where employability skills meant following orders, to stand up & sit down.

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What makes schools safe spaces?

Schools are an indispensable part of a youth's shaping years. Half the time of the day is almost spent in school for a student. Therefore, schools must be a place where a student feels safe, supported and cherished.

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