One day, every school will re-define education for each child through Social Emotional Learning.




To help children have a physically and emotional safe environment in schools

The Story Of Our Genesis

The thought behind Alag Soch germinated first in the mind of its founder, Anandita Roy Choudhury, who did
a pilot study of using SEL in day-to-day curriculum during her stint at a low-income school in Pune in 2017.

Meet our team

Anandita Roy Choudhury

Founder, Alag Soch

The idea of Alag Soch derives out of Anandita's primary experience as a child and her later experience as a Teach for India fellow. When Anandita is not working, she loves reading poetry, playing with her dog and indulging in socio-political debates and discussions. She is an idealist and resonates strongly in the power of empathy.

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Shuvam Ghosal

Co-Founder, Alag Soch

A chance late-night conversation with Anandita, the Founder of Alag Soch spurred Shuvam to formally join Alag Soch in April’20 and the journey has been rather eventful and packed so far.
Learning needs to be made more contextual and relevant, development-focussed, and more capability-inducing. Alag Soch dovetails into this ecosystem by complementing status quo education with the benefits of SEL.

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Sohini Dutta

Co-Founder, Alag Soch

Sohini joined Alag Soch sharing the vision of accessible and inclusive classrooms. She believes that the school curricula hold immense potential to introduce a vocabulary of emotional expressions among children. She dreams of every classroom as a safe-space by making Social-Emotional Learning an integral part of every school and curriculum.

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Meet Our Board

Pauline Laravoire

Founding Board Member, Alag Soch

Convinced of the tremendous impact of and need for Social Emotional Learning practices in K-12, Pauline joined Alag Soch as founding trustees mid 2020.

She brings her passion and expertise in organizational strategy, social entrepreneurship, change management, community building and impact assessment to Alag Soch, which she derives from her past and current professional experiences, especially as Sustainability Director at educational conglomerate Techno India Group and as the co-founder of network-based social venture Y-East.

Asim Kr. Ray Chaudhuri

Founding Board Member, Alag Soch

Asim began his career as an Assistant Labour Commissioner with the West Bengal government until he moved into becoming an IAS officer. He has thorough knowledge about the areas Alag Soch works in and understands the ground level problems of the state. His inclination towards education and the social sector made him join Alag Soch.

In his leisure time, Asim loves gardening, watching sports and listening to music. He also travels quite often. As a person Asim has an indomitable belief in the power of collaboration and teamwork.

The Collective

The collective is a space created by Alag Soch to build a movement of youth leaders
in the eastern part of India who aim to voice and bring change to the
existing social problems through theit work.